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home-graphic3The human body is a remarkable machine; capable of healing itself in ways we continue to discover every day. To those committed to chiropractic care, it is our job to tap into the rejuvenating and regenerating properties found within our musculoskeletal and biomechanical systems; to help people, like you, regain the physical and emotional health you once enjoyed.

At Allcare Health & Rehabilitation, chiropractic medicine offers natural relief from many ailments that affect us in our daily lives, including chronic back or neck pain, whiplash, headaches, migraines, TMJ, disc disorders such as hernias, slipping or bulging disc, hip, knee and shoulder pain, stenosis, arthritis, numbness or tingling, plantar fascitis, wrist and elbow pain including tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and more.

Of course, Allcare Health & Rehabilitation offers treatments to adults and seniors as well as those suffering from pain due to automobile accidents or work-related injuries, but we also provide care during pregnancies for expectant mothers. We also offer pediatric chiropractic services, helping children gain relief from ear infections, colic, scoliosis and torticollis (also known as wryneck), to name but a few.

By calling Allcare Health & Rehabilitation, we can help you get started on the right path to enjoying the life you once lived and can live again. Call us today! 412-GOT-BACK

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Neck Pain

Chiropractic care has a history of producing excellent results with those suffering from neck pain. And we do it naturally, without drugs or surgery…. Read More

What Our Patients Are Saying

  • After 6 months of pain, patience and rehab – I am finally able to get a satisfying shoulder workout in thanks to Dr. Brandon Best-Chiro Wentzel at Allcare Health-Rehab. In December I could barely move my shoulder and my TMJ was on fire. After a few weeks of dedication and some lifestyle changes that he recommended, I started feeling the strength coming back. The dentist told me the TMJ was untreatable, but Doc healed me in just a couple months of therapy. It was life-changing. And my shoulder was hindering everyday life and sleeping, as well as making it virtually impossible to stay in the gym on my normal routine. I no longer take my body for granted – and I am armed with knowledge and science to stay ahead of the pain thanks to Doc Wentzel. Call him now. 412-GOT-BACK

    Jesse M.
  • “I have regained 50% range of motion and decreased my pain to almost non existence. Everyone that works here is very friendly and professional.”  

    James K
  • “For over a month my lower back was in so much pain it was almost impossible to put socks and shoes on. After coming to Allcare for the past few weeks my back has been much better. Putting socks on is no longer a hassle!”

    Richie V
  • “I no longer wake up with neck and back pain. I do roller derby and feel that I have become a better skater because I have less pain. I feel great!!!”

    Jeananne B
  • “I felt better at 38 weeks pregnant than at 28 weeks. Thank you.”

    Adrienne P
  • “I really enjoy coming here. As of this time I am virtually pain free. I would highly recommend Allcare.”

    Don G
  • “The doctor and staff are very friendly and sensitive to my needs and willing to help. When I come with pain I always leave feeling much better.”

    Trish L
  • “Everyone here is very kind. They have helped me a lot. My neck has improved about 80% range of motion.”

    Robert O
  • “Since coming to Allcare I have felt pain relief, been able to manage my daily activities, and will continue treatment and recommend the office to friends and family.”

    Lori G
  • “I was in a terrible car accident that left me with multiple injuries. They tailored a custom therapy regimen to get me on my feet.”

    Christina M
  • “Living with arthritis can be very painful sometimes. I had never been to a chiropractor and the doctor put me at ease immediately. Was very informative about my condition. Did some exercises with me for my shoulder and it has never felt this good since I hurt it years ago.”

    Sandra S
  • “If you treat all your patients as well as you treated me, your practice should go a long way!”

    Ben B

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