Carpal Tunnel

Chiropractic techniques that work so well with the spine can be applied to other joints of the body. Virtually every joint is susceptible to fixations and malfunctions that impair function and range of motion. Trauma, micro-traumas, vibrations and repetitive motions are often culprits.

The Tunnel

The carpal tunnel is a band of ligaments and small bones in your wrist. Painful symptoms can result when nerves are compressed by a collapse of this nerve “tunnel.”

The Spine

Body: Many are surprised to learn that the cause of their wrist problem may be due to functional changes to one or more joints of the neck, shoulder, elbow or wrist. For example, subluxations in the upper spine may compromise the workings of any structure between it and the tip of your littlest finger. This is often called the “double crush syndrome.”

Other Extremities

Body: Shoulders, hip problems, knees, ankles and even jaw problems have been shown to respond to chiropractic care. To find out more before resorting to drastic treatments such as surgery, give ALLCARE HEALTH & REHABILITATION a call.

Chiropractic First

It just makes sense to take the more conservative approach to treatment, so consider chiropractic first and surgery last. To take that first step, schedule a consultation with us today and find out what safe and natural chiropractic may do for you.